THOUGHT BOOK EMOTIONAL SCAR These deep burried mental and emotional crisis are the real virus which keeps you disturbed, and unwell. To

THOUGHT BOOK Conscience – Your Moral Compass The conscience is a person’s moral sense of right and wrong, which acts as a

THOUGHT BOOK AHAM BRAHMASMI WE are masters of our own universe. The creator who has made us, he in form of his

THOUGHT BOOK The Kingdom Of Conscience Complete wellbeing is a healthy state of mind, body & emotions which is in control of

THOUGHT BOOK Artificial Intelligence v/s Inner Intelligence Artificial Intelligence is the term that has been shaping our lives in recent times. Chatbots,

THOUGHT BOOK My Matrix – I Design It Your conscience is the matrix which holds your all the functional data & powers

Aparna Mishra

Wellbeing Coach

A Kathak Guru, an enterprising businesswoman, enthusiastic social activist & conscience coach is also chairperson and managing director of “Kala Saadhna, Indian art and culture Centre.” She has innovative take towards Indian Art & culture, where she introduces Indian Classical Dance & Music as a life style and fitness mantra.

Aparna Mishra

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