Artificial Intelligence is the term that has been shaping our lives in recent times. Chatbots, robotics, IoT based home and office appliances are becoming an intelligent way of life. But is AI more intelligent than our inner intelligence? After all, aren’t we the ones who feed AI with the data that it needs to learn and evolve?

A machine can learn only what is programmed, it cannot sense why an infant is crying like a mother would sense, it cannot make an instinctive guess about a person’s action. Machines are incapable of performing actions based on intuition, feelings & human relationships.

Have we ever pondered into our own inner system and tried to understand, activate & enhance its powers? If our commands can train something artificial to possess intelligence, can we train ourselves to activate an inner intelligence? Can we give our minds commands that can help this complex organ to unlock its greater potential? If the finest AI robots can perform tasks better than humans, what superhuman task can a human with greater II perform?

Even before the technological revolutions, the pyramids, the Harappa’s and the Greek automatons, Indian mythology shows traces of inner intelligence, it is an ability to train the mind to achieve outstanding transformations.

Ancient scriptures were discovered in India, where we can find the records of Krishna who could lift a mountain on his little finger, Yakshas who could transform into beautiful women or lethal creatures and monkey-god Hanumana who could expand and contract his physical form. These were people who walked on earth in human form but had superior or to say highly active inner intelligence.

It was the ability to unlock the deepest layers of consciousness that gave the mythological humans an ability to communicate with each other from miles away with the help of nothing but vibrations or even the ability to appear and disappear in places that are poles apart in a matter of seconds!

According to Bhagwad Gita, the only factor that differentiates any species from humans is the ability of humans to respond to their imagination. No creation of God has a tendency to respond to their imagination. Our desires, feelings, curiosities, behaviour, etc. are all a by-product of this quality. We can train our minds to imagine scenarios and consequences and act accordingly – turning into reality! We are capable of taking actions to control our behavior to achieve the desired scenarios and consequences. We Humans – our mind, body & psychology is designed and programmed with immense capabilities to master & control our lives by activating the inner powers! Once you’ve activated the inner intelligence and start experiencing the Super human tendencies mentioned in our Puranas, the mythological super heroes would start sounding more real, more possible!

The Vedas and the Puranas together provide an elaborate instruction manual of training the ‘Deha’ (body) and the ‘Dehi’ (the possessor of body), the inner power to work in tandem to unlock the maximum potential. To explore the deepest levels of your conscience, you must train your system just like you train a machine for AI. Just like you have AI experts to create more user-centric devices, inner intelligence can be explored under subject matter experts.

AI involves the use of technologies, frameworks and data sets to be used for Machine Learning and Robotic Automation. Similarly, Inner Intelligence involves the use of ‘Indriya’, ‘Chitta’, ‘Buddhi’, ‘Manas’ and ‘Deha’ in the right balance. Exploring each of these powers of ‘Self’ needs expert guidance as each individual comes with its own unique design. This is where as a conscience coach, I help you in your inner journey. Although we can understand the concept of Inner Intelligence in theory, in order to experience it, we need ‘margadarshan’ or ‘coaching’.

Dependence on AI will help humans only to the extent of reducing human efforts and making life easier. In order to lead a quality life with a deeper sense of purpose, we need Inner Intelligence.

Do you agree that rather than training machines to be intelligent and the human race can build a better quality of life by building the functionality of inner intelligence in our own systems?

Aparna Mishra

Wellbeing Coach

A Kathak Guru, an enterprising businesswoman, enthusiastic social activist & conscience coach is also chairperson and managing director of “Kala Saadhna, Indian art and culture Centre.” She has innovative take towards Indian Art & culture, where she introduces Indian Classical Dance & Music as a life style and fitness mantra.

Aparna Mishra

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