Aparna Mishra is a distinguished professional Kathak dancer and Wellbeing Guru, embodying a passion for performing arts and a steadfast commitment to socio-environmental activism. Beyond these dynamic roles, she is a motivational speaker and enterprising businesswoman.

Identifying as a sapiosexual, Aparna has cultivated wisdom from life’s diverse experiences. Armed with a management degree from Patna University and an M.Ed., she earned the prestigious All India Gold Medal in Kathak Nritya Bhaskar for her mastery in Indian Dance & Music.

Her journey began with Kathak at the age of 3, evolving into a lifelong commitment that laid the foundation for her illustrious career and an inspiring life ! Kathak not only marked her introduction to the arts but also became a cherished childhood companion, serving as her primary mode of communication.

At the tender age of 9, Aparna’s compassion led her to teach Kathak to underprivileged children in her backyard, extending her benevolent efforts to the broader neighbourhood. Her classes became a means for these children to learn essential skills like reading & writing, while fostering personal growth.

Recognizing the pressing need for financial support to provide these children with essential items like notebooks, pens, and ghunghroos, Aparna devised a creative solution. She began teaching Kathak to her friends & their younger siblings & charged a nominal fee. This innovative approach not only Promoted Kathak as an innovative art form amongst the priviledged, but also empowered the lesser privileged children with the joy and confidence that learning could bring

A few years later, Aparna established the foundation of ‘Kala Saadhna,’ an art and wellbeing center seamlessly integrating Indian Classical Dance & Music as a lifestyle and fitness mantra.

Aparna Mishra’s teaching methods stand out for their uniqueness and holistic design, crafted to meet the individual needs and interests of her students. Her innovative approach spans a diverse range, showcasing adaptability and creativity.

In one dimension, Aparna blends Quantum physics, number theory, and mathematical formulas with Kathak, bringing together science and art. This integration has been successfully implemented in teaching at prestigious institutions like IITs, reflecting her ability to bridge disciplines and captivate students with diverse interests.

For mentally disabled individuals, Aparna incorporates psychologically designed treatments into Kathak, providing a therapeutic and enriching learning experience tailored to their unique needs. Her compassionate approach extends to integrating Kathak with yoga and meditation, creating a comprehensive practice for physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Aparna’s mastery in teaching lies in her adept skill of blending the right elements. By tailoring her methods to the specific needs, interests, and backgrounds of her students, she ensures a dynamic and effective learning environment that goes beyond conventional boundaries. Her commitment to holistic education makes her teaching not only innovative but also inclusive and enriching for a diverse range of learners.

In 2016, after years of dedicated work and social activism, she laid the groundwork for the “Shivaakriti” Foundation, a registered NGO dedicated to promoting Indian Art, culture, and wellbeing. The foundation is named after her beautiful daughters – Shivanshi & Kritika. With a clear vision and mission, the foundation has initiated projects like “Susanskrit,” offering professional courses in Indian dance & music to empower underprivileged youth; “Kshamta,” focusing on training the differently-abled; “Sa’Shakt,” aimed at empowering rural women, and “Shakti,” emphasizing the importance of Mother Nature.

During her acedmic journey, alongside running & managing the Academy , Aparna actively participated in Ncc, earning prestigious awards at both state and national level. She graduated with flying colors, securing an A grade in her C certificate. Aparna’s commitment led her to be a part of the Republic Day Camp (RDC), and she was selected to represent the nation under the Youth Exchange Program (YEP).

Following her graduation in 2004, Aparna not only expanded the reach of Kalasaadhna by opening more centres but also ventured into Delhi. Concurrently, to enrich her knowledge and draw from diverse experiences, she contributed her skills to esteemed companies such as “The Times of India,” “Radio Mirchi,” “IBM,” and “3i.” In 2006, fueled by her profound patriotism, Aparna aspired for a career in the Indian army. However, she came to the realization that, as an artist and a social and environmental activist, she could contribute more significantly to her nation and the world. Choosing to decline the SSC (short Servise Commission) offer, she held firm to the belief that her unique skills and perspectives could make a more meaningful impact.This dual pursuit showcased her versatility in both the artistic and corporate spheres, demonstrating a well-rounded approach to her professional journey.

In 2006, fueled by her profound patriotism, Aparna aspired for a career in the Indian army. However, she came to the realization that, as an artist and a social and environmental activist, she could contribute more significantly to her nation and the world. Choosing to decline the SSC (short Servise Commission) offer, she held firm to the belief that her unique skills and perspectives could make a more meaningful impact.

Aparna Mishra’s impact in the realms of art, wellness, and social impact is nothing short of extraordinary. Her social reform initiatives utilize Indian art as a powerful means of communication, demonstrated through groundbreaking productions like “Kathak For HIM,” a courageous exploration challenging taboos related to men and society. “Hanuman Tandava” serves as a compelling expression against anti-social practices, while “The WOMB” sheds light on the urgent issue of global warming. Through these thought-provoking works, Aparna showcases the transformative potential of art to address societal and environmental concerns.

With a background in teaching distinctive formats of Kathak that facilitate physical, mental, and emotional balance, Aparna expanded her influence in 2015 by establishing Wellbeing Acharya. This platform offers comprehensive wellness programs targeting physical fitness, mental health, and emotional wellbeing, guiding followers globally. Aparna’s unique therapies, characterized by their non-invasive nature, blend ancient wisdom with modern lifestyle practices, incorporating elements such as music, dance, dietary considerations, spirituality, self-awareness, and the Panchatatwa (the five elements: air, water, fire, earth, and space). Through this holistic approach, Aparna aims to promote overall wellbeing and guide individuals towards a balanced and harmonious life.

As the director of “Shivaakriti Creation Pvt. Ltd,” Aparna oversees a diverse portfolio of brands and companies spanning various sectors. Within this umbrella, she manages entities specializing in fashion, finance, food, technology, events & creative production. Aparna’s leadership and vision drive these ventures, fostering a dynamic and innovative presence across multiple industries.

Aparna’s impactful work, visionary contributions, and dedicated social activism have earned her numerous accolades both nationally and internationally. Recognition has come from educational institutions, media houses, state / central governments, and various entities.

Aparna’s journey of exploration and self-actualization is dedicated to creating a happy and healthy world. Her presence in prominent Indian magazines and newspapers, including the Times of India, Bombay Times, Mumbai Mirror, DNA, India Today, Femina, and Women’s Era, reflects the widespread recognition and appreciation for her multifaceted contributions. Aparna Mishra stands as a beacon of inspiration, weaving together art, wellness, and societal impact into a harmonious tapestry of transformative influence.



A Kathak Guru, an enterprising businesswoman, enthusiastic social activist & conscience coach is also chairperson and managing director of “ Kala Saadhna , Indian art and culture Centre” 

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