Complete wellbeing is a healthy state of mind, body & emotions which is in control of our nervous system – at conscious and subconscious level.

The nervous system functions by the almost instantaneous transmission of electrochemical signals. Highly specialized cells called neurons control the means of transmission.

Our conscience is the God of our nervous system

Nervous system is the king – the ruler(integrater), the deciding factor (sensor), coordinator ( motor)

And appoints the mind as the chief minister – the interpreter, the follower and the executer!

Everything else – your joys & woes, diseases, health & happiness, power & weakness, passion & detachment, love & hatred, enmity & friendships, complexes & simplicities ….

Are just living stories of this kingdom – which belongs to you!

What if, you choose which one lives & which has to end & what is next to begin!

To get this kind of power – you need to awaken your God – your Conscience which lies within you!

And yes our DNA is the solar system – which holds & accommodates all those secret coded information of our life, our root & existence – like those many discovered & yet undiscovered planets & its possibility of being discovered!

Aparna Mishra

Wellbeing Coach

A Kathak Guru, an enterprising businesswoman, enthusiastic social activist & conscience coach is also chairperson and managing director of “Kala Saadhna, Indian art and culture Centre.” She has innovative take towards Indian Art & culture, where she introduces Indian Classical Dance & Music as a life style and fitness mantra.

Aparna Mishra

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