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2022 Calendar - WATER IN NAVRASA

Life on Earth began in the oceans, and we humans start our lives too, in amniotic fluid inside the womb, which is 99 % water.
Water is intrinsic to Life. A large part of us is made of water; for once, we can survive without food for some time but not without water.
Water is the key element of Life, but this element that we think we know quite well has unexpected properties that play a far greater role, a role that can be quite beyond our imagination.

There are credible theories that prove how water has the ability to reproduce the properties of any substance it once contained. Water has the ability to retain a memory of molecular properties.

If you touch it with anger or fear, if you touch it with love and passion, if you touch it with compassion and positivity, it retains that memory and culminates according to your emotions.
How strong and powerful are emotions! Powerful enough to channelize a complete transformation.

It is very important to process our inner feelings and be emotionally expressive for our wellbeing, which goes unnoticed and ignored in the rush of our day to day life, which is inevitable in this hi-tech, fast world.

Since we have entered into the ‘Covid Era’, our lifestyle, thought process, the way we function & our basic priorities have changed.
The pandemic has not just affected our physical bodies, our mental & psychological fabric – but has also deeply impacted our emotional framework. Knowingly or unknowingly, we have been deprived of expressing, living & feeling our basic emotional needs – that a human body is programmed to do naturally! 2021 has been a year of realization, reconciliation & resolutions and hoping 2022 will be a year of action & execution!

As a wellness coach, social activist & Kathak guru with over 23 years of professional experience in training & coaching people across the globe with varied professions. I have always been curious to learn, explore and craft new possibilities to amalgamate Indian Classical Dance / Music & Art forms, Yoga, Ayurveda, Nutrition & Lifestyle – to my ‘holistic wellness therapies’.

Unlike every year where I pick a subject which I research, present and work all around the year, this New Year is all about ’emotions & wellbeing’. And what better can be than the element of ’Water’ to present ’Navrasa’– the 9 human emotions as a form of wellbeing, and voice an appeal to conserve water & preserve nature.

The purpose behind this year’s theme is to invoke an awareness & acceptance of self (our mental & emotional wellbeing) and the surrounding (Nature and natural resources).
I intend to make this initiative a part of everyone’s Life and turn it into a movement. This way, we can start appreciating each other’s and our own emotional expressions with a sense of awareness and value the importance of our own natural self and mother nature.


As we know, water is the most essential element in human Life. However, potable water is undoubtedly going to be a rare commodity soon. If we don’t act now, there just might be a massive shortage of water. This creative artwork evokes an emotional awareness of the importance & power of water and the massive need for conservation.

This is an extremely humble, first-ever and one of its own kind of attempt to craft out the importance of emotions for a healthy and happy life, through water – where I try to define the forms and importance of water – which needs to be conserved to preserve human Life!

Being wishful, this work finds a home in everyone’s heart by touching each individual in its own unique way. Hope this evokes an awareness & acceptance of self and surrounding to deal with all those unprocessed , unrealized, unfulfilled, un explored emotions, and become instrumental for you in finding yourself, in your most honest, true and raw form.

Wishing you a Healthy , Happy & Joyful 2023 !
God Bless !
Aparna Mishra

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Namaskaar !

It’s a privilege & pleasure to celebrate Indian culture & its essence – “a lifelong legacy for the world”

I have tried to make a humble effort to promote the ethos of Indian Art & Culture by depicting ‘the Navarasa’ through Indian classical dance forms & capturing them into the New year – 2019 calendar. The calendar not only showcases the Navarasa (nine emotions) & Indian Classical dance forms, but also represents the cultural diversity & unity of India celebrated across – society, states, beliefs & languages. These cultural diversities truly reflect essence of Indian traditions.

It is with a deep sense of pride I seek an audience with you to showcase the glorious heritage & cultural diversity of India through my calendar in art form for the New Year 2019. I would be honoured to meet you & showcase the Indian ethos through this calendar. Wish you a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year –2019!

Best Regards,


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