Aparna Mishra creative arts (AMCA) production is a part of various classical and contemporary stage production.

Her creative aspects reflect her concern for humanity , society , justice , morals , conscience , and her reaction to things around her. Her productions are not just entertaining , but have a high human and moral value as it attempts to address the social , personal and various other human concerns! Through her stage productions she try to present art as a complete stimulation of all the senses by integrating – dance , music , expression , story , modern technology, props & effects in a perfect sync , creating a grandeur that leaves an indelible impression !

Aparna Mishra, has Conceptualised, written , composed & sung , choreographed & directed various dance drama , events , performances . Her vision is to present art form as a strong communication tool to ignite social & self-awareness . To highlight & discuss the social, personal , professional ,emotional and many more such challenges through art and entertainment.

Aparna Mishra’s Kathak Trilogy

Kathak Trilogy is a concept that tries to discover the various possibilities of human existence & behaviour , It tries to establish Kathak as a Way of lifestyle & wellbeing.

Through this tri series she intends to entertain , to bring awareness and establish a complete social , personal , emotional & Professional Well being .

Kathak for Him ‘Prusharth’ – The first part of Trilogy premiered on June 19th, 2016 at the National Centre of Performing Arts , Mumbai . The prime focus was to discuss and highlight the gender related taboos & believes in an entertaining format. This show presented a deep insight on the modern psychology of society towards men.

Kathak For Him – ‘Purusharth’

Purusharth “ is the the first part of the tri series , Premiered on June 19th, 2016 at the National Centre of Performing Arts , Mumbai It’s a 90 min event constituted of workshops , performance & audience participaton. The event was highly appreciated by the audience , Media & Critics.

Kathak For Her – ‘Sa-shakt’

Celebrating women and their various Avtars – Through the Navarasa. expressions of passion , love , hatred , betrayal , devotion , jealousy ,seduction, care , sacrifice , honour , pride ,silence , tradition , taboos, rituals, identity , their battle , their various moods journeys in glamour , wit & humour packed performances.

This is a three hour entertaining event with various women celebrated in their field – depicts each rasa – each avtar of women. The face & voice of the new modern Women – with all traditional traits!

To be premiered on March 8th 2019 in Mumbai .

Kathak For Them “Susanskrit”

This is a special pattern of training , designed for underprivileged Children , Youth & Women- who lack basics in life. We aim to build confidence and hope, develope their psychology , boost their morale by training them in the classical dance and music stream . The training and certification program not just develops an extra skill but also boosts their confidence and motivates them towards a positive direction. This is a yearly curriculum, which is celebrated by felicitating them with their certificates , awards & recognition based on their performance .

Aham Brahmaasmi

The journey of subconscious to super conscious is discovering the Brahma in you.

A presentation that takes you to an inner journey – questioning , realising , addressing , responding , discovering and confronting your self.

Viklang – The Hanuman Tandava !

As name goes , this act talks about various disabilities that we have – as a society & individuals, in our relations, emotions, mind & body ,We can easily address and react to the physical disabilities – a life time passes by and we never realise those disabilities which we cant see with physical eyes . We not quite affected by those abstract disabilities & never feel a need to address, react or rectify them . We tend to settle well with those disabilities and let them be a part of the incomplete you .

The act takes a inner tour – to figure out those disabilities and a way to rectify them – and taste the life and its miracles that God has given us .Lets imagine a complete able self !

This presentation has been performed in India and abroad collecting many awards and standing ovation . Our most powerpacked performance that we are proud of !

The Evil - Addictions

An educative & spell binding stage production that showcases the strength of sub conscious mind , love & positive attitude to fighting against addictions ! An anti drug & narcotic prevention campaign


Gods auto software

An Introspection – a peep into the elements of our composition.

Various elements & Gunas we are made of – that puts us into different equations and situations to perform our karma .

The good the bad – Our karma is in our own hands A brilliant peace of meditative dance drama.


Shudh Shashtriya Nritya – A Shudh paramparagat Kathak Performance which includes toda, tukra ,tihai, parans , footworks and abhinay on various bhav (thumri/tandava/lasya, sringara etc) based on the event requirement