kala saadhna

Aparna Mishra, M.ed ( All India Gold medalist ) in Kathak , has been teaching the Kathak under the guru shirshya parampara , along with other contemporary formats & Yoga for past 18 years ! In the year 2000 she established “Kala Saadhna ” dance academy with a vision to promote kathak , and make it available to masses . Later it grew up as an academy for various Indian art forms and is known as “kala Saadhna – Indian art & culture centre” . It is also an affiliated centre of Pracheen kala Kendra , Chandigarh.

Along with a team of skilled professional teachers for various art, music & dance forms , Kathak guru Aparna Mishra trains Men, Women and children under various course formats designed by her.

Paramparagat Kathak

Aparna Mishra personally train kathak students, under the guru Shirshya parampara. Students starting from age 8 to 45 can join the classes under professional academic course or as a leisure hobby course .

Professional acedmic course is a 7 year degree & certification program (through Pracheen Kala Kendra ) , a regular yearly curriculum for people of all age & gender.

Kathak for Wellbeing – Coorporate Classes

Kathak for wellbeing is an exclusive format designed by Guruji , considering the challenges , cricis & health issues of corporate executives . It focuses on an over all wellbeing by blending together - the physical, mental , emotional & spiritual quotient together !

‘Parakh’ - Early year art & Culture Exposure

” Parakh” is a unique 3 year program (each year 6 months), conceptualised and thoughtfully designed by Kathak Guru Aparna Mishra , for early year school kids starting at an early age of 3- 3.5 years until 6 years.

We gently expose the child in a fun learning way to various Art ,dance & music forms. The course structure covers – mythological stories, Cultural activities, exposure to musical instruments & classical music , painting, classical dance & body movements and many more such activities that helps the child develop certain basic skills. It further helps the Parents & children to realise the talent & interest in a particular art form. By the time they turn 6, they are ready to pursue one of them further.

This structure is more of a Indian “Culture Training Program” (CTP) and brings out a detailed analysis of the Childs growth (learning ) , talent & interest based on which the child can wisely choose an ECA (extracurricular activity) .

Conscience coaching

Aparna Mishra , with years of her counselling experience and tremendous success , has designed this program for people with personal crisis , stress , depression , anxiety, mood swings & guilt. People in best physical & mental health are at times entangled in their situations , which they fail to understand and tackle . Conscience coaching is a soul cleansing & rejuvenation program .

Natya Yoga

Natya yoga helps you to discover your own higher self. It’s a profound technique to train your subconscious mind through your senses.