Aparna Mishra

A Kathak Guru, an enterprising businesswoman, enthusiastic social activist & conscience coach is also chairperson and managing director of “ Kala Saadhna , Indian art and culture Centre” . She has innovative take towards Indian Art & culture, where she introduces Indian Classical Dance & Music as a life style and fitness mantra. Her unique innovations have been a major contributing factor to the social & personal wellbeing while promoting & using Indian Classical dance & music as a communication tool. Being the Founder President of “Shivaakriti Foundation”, Aparna Mishra contributes towards the betterment of the lesser privileged section of society through Indian Art forms.

Aparna Mishra, chairman & Managing Director of “Shivakriti Group of Companies” is also the Founder President of “Kala Saadhna -Indian Art & Culture Centre”, CEO of “Maaya Vision” – an events and creative production company and Founder of the “Shivaakriti Foundation” an NGO that promotes Indian art and culture and caters to various social cause through Art and music. Aparna Mishra is a management graduate & M.Ed. (All India Gold Medalist – Kathak Nritya Bhaskar ) in Dance.

In last two decades she has been guiding her followers and shishya’s find their inner balance through the power of Indian Dance & Music. Her conceptualized technique, “Natya Yoga” – elevates the living experience by activating the energies within. A well-known Kathak Guru and a Conscience coach, She inspires the young generation by not just imparting the formal Kathak training under the “Guru Shishya Parampara” form but also sow spirituality and cultivate a value system, and guide them to keep their conscience balanced and clean.

She has imparted professional Kathak training to more than thousands of students across society, age and different professions. With her unique style and vast experience, she trains the Intellectuals of the country from IIT & IIM’s to the CEO’s of MNC’s, blending the classical dance format with their areas of interest! Not just the professionals, she has projected ample creativity by training not only professionals but also the youth, kids & home-makers blending their interests with classical dance. She has successfully conducted mass choreography, working with 900 participants on stage at a time. Over the years she has choreographed and presented compositions for NCC and the Indian Army. She was honored to be at the NCC Youth Exchange Program, representing India as a royal guest of Nepal, at the king’s palace, which was attended by delegates from 22 countries. Aparna was awarded for excellence in Classical Dance presentation. In addition, she has received a medal on Republic Day 2002, from the then Prime minister, Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, for her dance presentation. She has also choreographed the event & video album “Policing Plus” for Delhi Police with the IAS and IPS officers participating in the event, where she was awarded by the Delhi Police Commissioner for the excellent work. She has performed, directed & choreographed various stage events, albums & short films.

Her vision and mission of promoting Indian Dance & music, is fulfilled well through “Shivaakriti Foundations” , through which she introduces Indian classical dance and music to the underpriviledged , and disoriented youth, as a skill development , career and personal growth opportunity.

She has been a social reformer through Indian art as a communication tool. She has creatively conceptualized several performances / workshops & events that are not just entertaining & thought provoking but also stimulating towards social wellbeing while promoting the Indian classical dance. Her recent stage production “Kathak For HIM” has been a trend setter to the modern age mind which highlights the taboos related to men & society. Very objectively, it discusses the social, moral and personal responsibilities and challenges in an recreational manner.

Recently, her creative project & Vision for global tourism through Indian Art & Culture has been widely appreciated in the global market, and was awarded in London (Nov 2016) at the “World travel Market “ event for promoting Indian Art & culture through tourism!

As a Kathak Guru and Conscience coach, Aparna has dedicated her life to the realization of self through imparting training to her shishyas, followers and seekers!

She continues to re-discover herself through dance music and yoga!